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Primary and secondary packaging: Are they the same?

Custom Packaging is something that e-commerce retailers need to be very familiar with before making their first sale. In today’s digital age, consumers want more than they buy. They want a complete experience along with it, and secondary custom packaging is now part of it.

Previously, secondary packaging could have been a simple box with the primary function of protecting the product before purchase and shipment, but now it is the first and most important physical contact with the brand. It is a point.

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There is growing awareness of the impact of the unpacking experience. Consumers can even create videos where people share their experiences by opening up everything from mobile phones to new shoes. The “Unpacked” YouTube search results currently return over 41 million results. If a company is successful in packaging its products, it can be a great way to increase customer relationships and brand awareness.

The growing expectation that secondary packaging should be unique and creative is beginning to blur the line between primary and secondary packaging. Secondary packaging should protect the product, but colored logo stickers, colored boxes, envelopes, messages on the sides, etc. can be confusing and create a special experience.

Some packages even have their own way to open them, which enhances the excitement of unpacking. The more recognizable and exciting the package, the more likely the customer will want to share the experience of receiving the purchase.

From there, the experience of primary packaging and the item itself follows. Presentation is important at this stage. When you open a secondary package, you need to look carefully and uniquely at the primary. What’s inside the box must match the outside in terms of creativity.

It’s great that the outer layer is impressive and interesting, but if the product falls inward, it can ruin the customer’s moment (and viral video). The integration of the two is beneficial to the brand and provides a kind of emotion to the customer. Simple things like thank-you notes that are personalized on or with the product can go a long way.

This is something that some companies have already implemented. Merging two types of packages into one experience makes it more difficult to tell the difference between primary and secondary. High school should still be working, but now it should also be cool and attractive.

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