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Envelopes: It doesn’t have to be Common!

This tool is a great way to add that flair to outgoing email. custom envelopes disguise acknowledgments, show importance and create curiosity. New and improved options for printing envelopes cover communication on any occasion.

Here are three great envelope ideas for trying out your next custom envelope order:

1. Simple and sophisticated custom envelope

This is where the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule becomes very important. Start with your company logo and add a simple tagline. Maybe you may even choose a stock material that complements or even complements your company’s colors. Most importantly, it resists the urge to personalize or over-style. For example, limit to a maximum of two fonts (preferably only one line and / or one sans line). If you use italics or bold, apply the same style to all text.

2. Fantastic custom iconic envelope

The use of well-known industrial images can serve as a more memorable strategy. For example, if your educator is your target client, consider creating your own image of your book or school building as part of your design. If you have a grocery store, play with fresh baskets and watch ideas.

 3. Creative and elegant custom envelopes

The easiest way to create this style is to start with something familiar, such as your company logo. Use it as an inspiration for brainstorming words, experiences, emotions, and enveloping ideas. Then collect the elements that are most appealing to your customers and sketch a new look.

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