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What is the cost of individual packaging?

Product packaging plays an important role in shaping the company’s brand and satisfying customers, but it is also a financial investment and therefore requires proper planning. This is important when you have a large production line, because you need to keep your finances in sync with the optimal number of boxes required for smooth production.

How do you calculate the packaging cost of the product?

 There are several main factors that determine the cost of custom packaging: paper type, print volume, box size, coating, and the need for paper patterns (prototypes). We have created an online price calculator that is easy to calculate and plan, allowing you to get an instant quote based on the product options you choose. This allows you to view packaging prices for different quantities and different packaging options in a few seconds. But first, let us quickly understand how these key “ingredients” really affect packaging costs.


Different types of paper have different characteristics. Although paper has no significant impact on packaging prices, it is worth mentioning. You can visit one of our website to learn more Paper, Boxes and Packaging, Technically yes, but if you order more quantities, the unit price will actually drop. This means that doubling the number of prints does not double the cost of packaging, it is less than half.

Box size:

 This is self-explanatory. The bigger your box, the more paper you use to make it. Therefore, the packaging price will increase as the box size increases.


You can apply different finishes to boxes and packaging. All these coating options have different impressions and different effects on the final product, but also have different prices. Some are more expensive than others, so you need to choose the insurance option that best suits your packaging and budget.

Paper Copy Confirmation:

If this is your first time printing the packaging of a specific product, it is strongly recommended to prototype first. The packaging box fits the product perfectly and it is very important that you can check this when ordering. Test printout. This way we can make the necessary adjustments before printing the entire run and avoid costly errors. You can order a printed test copy blank (cheaper) or printed with your theme. You can visit one of our website to learn more Bags, Boxes and Packaging.

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